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How do I create a new work item?

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How do I create a new work item?
A work item is a discussion between a client and a staff member(s) relating to some assigned task, enabling the client and the company to keep track of all work tasks requested.

To capture a new work item, follow the following procedure:

1) Select "Work Status" - "New Work Item" from the main menu.
2) Type in the Heading, Summary and the text of the work assignment.
3) The text area can be formatted using the editing buttons as in any word-processing package.
4) Fill in the Author details, start date and desired end date of the work item.
5) If you wish to add an attachment, click on the upload link, browse your computer for the file, and click "open". Then click on the "Upload" button.
5) Now attach the file to your work item using the next field.
6) Enable comments in the next field, as this will allow the assigned staff to communicate with you.
7) Visibility - always select "read only" as this will keep your work assignment confidential.
8) Finally, click on the "Create Work Item" to save your input.

You can view, add and edit your work item from the main menu - "Work Status" - "Existing Work Items".
FAQ Posted on Thursday 31 January 2008 - 17:14:50 by Admin